What is the Cost of a Bad Hire?

The overall cost of a bad hire, I have been told by those who research these things, can be as high as two times the annual salary of the employee, especially when they are entrenched. Therefore, the higher and more highbrow the position is—the greater the expense.

If you examine some of the following reasons, you will understand why the cost of a bad hire is so high:

They make money but not a profit.
They cause the team unnecessary stress.
They upset customers
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Use Pre-Employment Testing to Narrow Your Choices

With millions of people seeking work, your company may have attracted more applicants or heard more names suggested than you know what to do with. You find you must sort through a large pool of potential hires, or the trouble might be you only have a small group of candidates who seem very similar to each other. In both cases, it is difficult to make a decision with confidence. How do you decide who will be the right fit for
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Pre-Employment Assessments Accurately Predict Employee Success

Hiring a new employee always seems to come with some uncertainty. Even the most carefully recruited and experienced candidate is not guaranteed to fit in well or perform effectively. Your business can avoid common hiring mistakes and the risk of uncertainty by using pre-employment assessments from The Hire Talent. The pre-employment assessment we offer evaluates prospective candidates for the skills and attributes essential to success in their job, giving you a detailed understanding of their strengths and weaknesses before they
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3 Steps to Ask A More Effective Follow up Question

Interviews are an art form that while performed on a daily basis by many, is truly mastered only by a few. Those who are able to execute a flawless interview find that they source and hire not just qualified candidates, but will be adding a component to their team that fits seamlessly into the culture and framework in place.

Integrating a new hire into your well oiled machine needs to be done carefully, asking good probing and follow up questions ensures
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Pre-Employment Testing Tools Done Better

How do you assess a potential employee? Is a resume and a brief interview enough to determine who has the right skills and the right personality for your company? At The Hire Talent, we provide pre-employment testing that assesses job candidates in the key areas that are most important to your business’s success. By taking advantage of our assessment expertise, you will join our current clients in gaining unbiased insight that will help you avoid costly hiring mistakes and select
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5 SEO tricks to Make Your Job Ad’s Pay Off

Optimize Your Employee Search with SEO


It wasn’t long ago that an employer would simply place a want-ad in the local newspaper in order to fill a vacancy in his operation. These days, the world of hiring has a whole new set of rules and a totally different ballpark to play in. Your employee pool is now global and your options are nearly infinite. In order to get your job ad’s to pay off you need to employ some SEO tricks.


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