Is you Candidate Experience Online Helping or Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

You should always be aware of how your company is perceived by potential candidates in the recruiting process. While a lot of companies pay attention to client perception, many only worry about what future employees think when they’re searching for one. It is important to always be recruiting. This includes optimizing your online presence to attract talent by giving visitors clear information and a strong, positive impression. The candidate experience online is most likely the very first experience these people
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Hire for Diversity Using Past Employee Success Indicators

When you have great employees, you want to find more people like them. The reasons so many employers and hiring managers feel this way is pretty obvious. Why wouldn’t you want to duplicate success? Hiring for Diversity without overlooking the key success indicators can help you build a team of people who bring new and equally valuable  experiences to the table.

Knowing what makes your employees (or even yourself) do so well is an essential part of choosing the right candidates
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What makes your top performers successful?

Knowing who your top performers are is one thing; knowing what makes them so successful in their roles is another. Sometimes being too close or too distant from an employee’s work can make it hard to know exactly what they are best at, let alone what skills, attributes, and personality traits contribute to their success.

Identifying your employees’ most effective traits can help guide individual performance, contribute to company growth, and improve your hiring process. Unlike imagining what you would like
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6 Ways to Advertise Company Culture


Candidates choosing between several job offers often base their decision on multiple factors. Salary, benefits, and location are among the most obvious, but company culture also plays an important role. When you are trying to attract the best talent, it can tip the balance in your favor and serve as compensation if you are not able to offer the highest salary.

If you want to entice talented applicants, , you first need to have a thorough understanding of what your company
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Job Descriptions Must Describe the Job

Potential applicants certainly need to know what skills, traits, and qualifications your company desires for a given position. Many hiring managers feel that these are the most important guidelines they can publish in a job description. In fact, many even feel that they are the most important criteria for choosing a candidate.

Hiring expert Lou Adler disagrees. He is continually dismayed by the job postings and candidate profiles he encounters, including those of top companies. According to Adler, too many companies
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What are Must Have Qualities for a Candidate?

Some qualities and experiences are essential if a candidate is going to perform well. These must have qualities, deal-breaker may be obvious, while others require a little investigation. As you put together a list of the most important traits for a position, don’t hesitate to list all the ideal qualities. Doing so ensures that you will have a list of both must-have and preferred, like-to-have attributes. The latter traits can be the criteria that leads you to choose one prospective
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