Phone Interview: Tips for Getting it Right

A brief phone interview can make the hiring process quicker and easier. You can engage candidates without setting up time-consuming in-person interviews and eliminate those who are clearly unsuitable. In addition, you can contact more people and discover gems who you might have otherwise dismissed.

A phone interview is also an excellent chance to ask questions about indicators of ambition, drive, and motivation. Hiring expert Lou Adler recommends a “forensic” phone interview. This means searching out a pattern of behavior in
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Custom Benchmarking for our Assessment Tests

Finding the right employee can be a challenge for any business, but the task is even more difficult for companies that require a special combination of talents. Perhaps your business, like many others, has hired employees in the past only to find them ill-suited to the job or work environment. At The Hire Talent, we recognize that some companies desire even more precision than our highly accurate pre-employment assessment tests already offer. By engaging with us to create customized benchmarking
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Why Use Pre-Employment Personality Assessments?

When it is time to hire a new employee, you may be well aware that personal attributes and people skills should be a factor in your decision. It is essential that employees are motivated, honest, and adept at social interaction. However, employers often have little opportunity to really engage with potential employees. Interviewees are often nervous and strive to present themselves as the person they believe the interviewer wishes them to be. In order to accurately assess whether or not
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Statistics Show: Avoid Bad Hires Using Pre-employment Assessments

Every business wants to find the right employees: the people who will fit in, become top performers, and contribute to the company’s success. The cost of a bad hire can range from 1 to 5 times the annual salary of that person, the use of multi measurement pre-employment assessments is designed to prevent these poor hires and increase productivity.

The practice of administering personality tests to potential hires in order to achieve this goal continues to rise in popularity. A majority
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Skill Tests Prevent Key Hiring Mistakes

Determining if candidates truly have the skills required to perform their jobs effectively can be a difficult task. While some candidates may come highly recommended, others may be a mystery. Skill tests designed by The Hire Talent can give your business reliable insight into prospective employees’ aptitudes and abilities, with special focus on some of the most in-demand and essential skills in today’s world.

One of the many benefits of a Pre-employment assessment is the ability to gauge a candidate’s skill
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Sales Testing Increases Revenue

Great sales numbers require a great sales team. While candidates for a sales position may appear to have the right experiences or personalities, it can be difficult to determine who has the potential to be a top performer. Sales Testing can improve your revenue significantly by giving you reliable insight into potential employees’ skills, abilities, and attitudes.

As you may have discovered with your current sales team, performance can vary widely from person to person. A candidate who seemed to have
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