Why Create Performance Benchmarks?

According to LeadershipIQ, 46% of employees will fail within a year in a half of hiring. This is partly due to ineffective hiring methods that fail to spot warning signs or, perhaps worse still, fail to spot traits and attitudes that indicate success. Yet these inferior approaches to hiring persist and are often simple cases of carelessness. Many hiring managers remain unaware of the latest research about the best hiring methods. There are many ways to improve the process, but
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Who Should Be Involved in the Hiring Process?

When hiring a new employee, it can be beneficial to get input from others. The question of who to involve in the hiring process is one of both feasibility and desirability. Every organization is different, but there are generally similar advantages and disadvantages to involving multiple people in the decision-making.

As this Harvard Business Review article notes, companies sometimes end up relying on one person’s personal preferences to make hiring decisions and do not have a clear, validated process. Input and
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Who is Your Ideal Employee?

In order to find your ideal employee, it is important that you understand exactly what “ideal” means to your company. What is required for the position? Does your company need someone who has a certain vision or attitude? Are there desired traits that are not as critical?

It is vital that you answer these questions before you begin your search. They are essential to creating effective job descriptions so that you can attract the right candidates.

You will have an easier time
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How to Screen a Resume ?

A resume is usually your first introduction to a candidate. It contains key information that must be read and interpreted correctly. A shallow reading can leave you with employees who do not really have the skills you need. As Bradford Smart points out in his free Topgrading e-book, misleading resumes result in wasted hours, bad hires, and missed opportunities. How can you avoid these mistakes while you screen a resume?

There are many ways to gain insight into a candidate’s history
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Utilizing SEO and Keywords in your Job Postings

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your job postings is a great way to reach more candidates and recruiters. Standing out amongst the competition isn’t just important to candidates; it’s essential for employers who want to attract the best candidates possible.

Choose SEO Keywords for a Job Posting:

Using clear and relevant keywords in your job posting is important. Search engines employ certain algorithms that incorporate keywords to rank webpages in their results and job boards work in the same manner, using
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Choose the Recruiter that is Right for You

Recruiting services can make your hiring process much easier, but it is important you choose the right provider. By choosing a reliable, experienced recruiting firm, your company can save valuable time and rest assured that a recruiter is truly seeking the best candidates for your business.

You may be interested in using recruitment services because your company lacks time or resources. Or maybe you have no trouble attracting a large number of applicants, but it always seems like they just aren’t
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